Accelerated Weight Loss Programme

When you order a pack of Green Tea X50 you will automatically become a Tribeca Health VIP member with access to the our accelerated weight loss programme | |

Developed over a number of years from extensive research, tried and tested methods, as well as collaborations and input from leading experts in their respected fields, theaccelerated weight loss programme is an amazing, life-changing product, consisting of information on eating habits and exercise that will make you lose weight for good. Theaccelerated weight loss programme is divided into 4 great steps: Eat Smart, Train Smart, Live Smart & Health Smart.

Step 1- Eat Smart.

Our Eat Smart meal planner makes it easy to know what you can and can’t eat to lose weight and how to manage your weight once you have achieved your goals. You’ll also get access to delicious recipes that will fill you up without weighing you down. 70-80% of weight loss comes from the food we eat. But there’s no need to starve or go on a rigid diet. Just Eat Smart! We make it easy by showing you the right food to eat at the right time of day that is designed to rehabilitate your metabolism and get your body back to using food for energy instead of storing it as fat.

Step 2 – Train Smart.

Discover how you can look and feel amazing with Train Smart, fitness and health tips from award-winning athletes, We reveal the secrets to weight loss, longevity and optimal health and guides you to a healthy and balanced life. Eating the right food is only one part. You need to exercise. Most importantly, you need to exercise in a way that will burn fat! This part of the programme contains exercise and training techniques that will accelerate weight loss by raising our base metabolic rate (BMR) and sculpting our body. In short, we show you how to create the body you have always wanted!

Step 3 – Live Smart.

Green Tea kick started my body and helped to turn it into a fat burning machine, but I had to add the other ingredients to really get the big results. In this part of the programme called Live Smart, we look at ways to stay mentally positive and give you the tools to live a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle so that you can keep the weight off for good. Take this information, follow it – in fact, live by it – and you will see an amazing transformation in yourself.

Step 4 – Health Smart.

Knowledge is king when it comes to health. How often have you been doing something that you thought was good for your health, then found out that it’s not actually that good for you? Or someone has told you to ‘do this’ or ‘take these’ and it turns out to be of no health benefit at all? In Health Smart we cover the A-Z of health and fitness so you are prepared with the knowledge that will help make your weight loss journey a success. And the next time a friend says ‘what you should do is……’ you will be armed and ready.